Jacqueline T. Hill is a writer, business consultant and instructor.  With many successful writers and small businesses under her wing, she purposely offers individualized and customized step-by-step tools for their company’s growth.  Jacqueline currently serves clients and customers all over the world.  Her writings and editing services are featured publicly and in high educational settings.

Jacqueline has over two decades of experience as a writer, consultant and teacher.  A former certified High School English Teacher, and former Pastor she has assisted many students, community leaders, non-profits, aspiring business owners, and families in areas of writing, graphic design, branding, marketing campaigns, consulting and coach.


Power Points covered in the podcast:

  • Why it is important for businesses of all types and sizes to have writing skills
  • Importance of having a website and one that ranks high in search engines
  • Contributing as a writer for outlets like Huffington Post, INC and Essence
  • Editing
  • Ghost writing

And more!

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