I am the CEO and founder of Latreuo Media Group. I create educational materials to assist entrepreneurs who are just starting out with emphasis on helping them to enhance their online presence in the areas of social media; web design and online marketing.

The tag line says it best “This is the Podcast and Blog Designed with the Beginner in Mind”.  I try to H.E.L.P. new and entrepreneurs by giving them Words of Hope; Words to Enlighten; Words to inspire them to Launch and Words to Persevere.

To find out more listen to the inaugural podcast and session #31;s update.

A word about the Podcast and Blogs

In my blogs and podcast I aim is to teach; motivate and inspire others. In addition to my solo podcast sessions; I will also be featuring and interviewing  expert guest who will lend their expertise covering all of the categories listed below.

The podcast sessions can be placed in one or more of the following categories:

Art and Music-Artist and Musician development.

Written and Spoken-Writers and Public Speakers development.

Online Presence and Digital Technology-Social Media, Web Development etc

Entrepreneurial, New and Trending– Feature Guest who discuss their business and how to be successful in the same profession.

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