Nicole Carter       Nadia Busseuil

Nicole Carter and Nadia Busseuil

Their Story

We grew up in poverty, but were fortunate enough to have a great mother who wanted more for her children.  Our mother worked 7 days a week just to make ends meet while we focused on getting a quality education.  She made us go to school outside our neighborhood, exposed us to different cultures, and put us in touch with people who gave us different outlooks on life.  Although our mother was never able to leave public housing, she did lay the foundation for us to leave.

We both have excellent credit scores, made six figures, and own property.  In addition, we’ve gone to Ivy League schools, worked for Goldman Sachs, and have traveled the world (20+ countries and counting).  From our experiences, we have concluded that there are key things you must learn and do in order to break the constraints of your social class.

We always told our mother we would do our best to make her life easier, but unfortunately she died before we could fulfill our promise.  Though it’s too late to help her, we aim to pay it forward by helping others with the knowledge we gained and continue to seek.   We’re proof that your circumstances don’t dictate your destiny so take the chance and try something new.

A few power points covered in this podcast:

  • Making tough decisions in the midst of personal loss

  • How to open a Cafe debt free

  • Careful planning and working towards your goals can yield proven good results

  • Despite the nay Sayers they proved that you can successfully apply and get accepted to Ivy League schools

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